Get the easy drag & drop animated GIF creator for Mac OS

Animated GIFs are images that are encoded in graphics interchange format, which is made up of several picture frames within a file. This image format has been around for a while, making it possible for creating and sharing small animated images online. We have recently seen an increase in its popularity. People have started creating animated GIF from video clips, which they then publish to Social Media and blogs. Making animated GIF images from video clip usually needs a little bit of effort and fortunately, now there are a tonne of offline GIF creators and online GIF image-makers  that could help you with the same. That being said, some of them come with tricky settings, while some of the online GIF creators might need a lot of time to turn a video into GIF with superior quality, especially when you have to convert huge sized videos.

If you want to create a high quality free animated GIFs on mac with drag and drop simplicity, you might have to consider Drop to GIF for Mac, which automates the whole GIF creation task – all you have to do is drag and drop a video clip into the app and the GIF conversion starts straight off. Once the conversion process has been done, the animated GIF file will be placed in the same directory as the source video was.

Create animated GIF with Drop to GIF app

Indeed, this free GIF creator is made as simple as can be. But, that doesn’t mean this GIF maker lacks customization options. There is a performance panel that can be opened by clicking on the little gear icon, where you can choose to match the frame rate of the original video or manually input the fps value. Plus, there you will get control over the quality and size of the GIF images as well. Notably, there is even a little handy watching feature; where you could select a watch folder to make your life easier – Movie files that are moved or saved into that particular directory will be converted instantly into an animated GIF image. If you want to see the output right after the conversion is done, you can get it done by simply selecting the Auto check option.


To conclude, Drop to GIF for Mac OS X is a simple animated GIF creator that can make GIF out of video file without having to work with complex tools or complicated setups. For those who need more customization option and editing options, give GIF Brewary a go, perhaps that would be a better option for your GIF creation on Mac. However, even with few customization options, Drop to GIF is more than good enough to create a GIF from a video file.

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