Malwarebytes: The best free malware removal tool for Mac

If you are a Mac user, then you might have been thinking that there aren’t many malware and other security threats out there for OS X. Well, that is beginning to change. Just like on windows OS, there’s now a growing ecosystem of malware that bombard you with shady advertisements and pop-ups. According to a recent survey, Mac OS X user base has been significantly increased over recent years, and that might be the reason why Malware developers are now actively focusing on Mac OS X Operating System. Macs do have a built-in free malware blocker called Xprotect, but it’s not perfect. It doesn’t offer live malware scanning, nor remove any existing infection. Instead, it only blocks specifically blacklisted malware threats, which means it couldn’t able to block latest malware threats unless Apple releases a fix. But, what if your Mac is already infected?

In windows, you can easily uninstall most of the adware and spyware using ‘Add/Remove programs’ window, where you can get to see what’s recently installed. But in Mac, this kind of malware burrows so deep into the system files of OS, making it hard for users to remove the pieces. That’s why you need a dedicated Malware removal tool like MalwareBytes for Mac, which is one of the best free malware removal tool now available for OS X.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware for Mac isn’t an antivirus tool that will run in the background. It is just a malware remover you can download and use to carry out a quick scan. And, unlike Malwarebytes business version, Malwarebytes free doesn’t provide real-time protection. Though, you could easily get rid of any Malware threats that have already got installed on your Mac.

How to install and use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

First of all, download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. Once it has successfully downloaded, mount the downloaded image and drag the Malwarebytes software to the application folder. When you run Malwarebytes for the first time, you will have to confirm the application-authenticity. Then accept the End User License Agreement and the main user interface will open. Whenever you open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, if the Internet is available, the dashboard might pause for a moment and download the latest malware “signatures unless you manually disabled automatic updates. Once it’s completed, stating the obvious, simply select the Scan option to check Malware threats that got installed on your Mac.

Remove Malware from Mac using MalwareBytes

If your Mac has several user accounts, you’ll have to run a scan for each account to make sure all accounts are safe.

Typically, Malwarebytes takes no more than 6 seconds to scan entire Mac. If it finds any Malware, you’ll be given options to remove them.

Delete malware from Mac OS X
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Select the files you want to remove but of course, in nearly all cases it’s a good idea to select them all and click ‘Remove Selected Items’. Since malware could be burrowed deep in system folders, you would have to enter Mac admin password if the OS prompts.

Removed items will be sent to a directory called “Malwarebytes Removals” in Trash. So make sure you have deleted them from there as well.


Malwarebytes for Mac is fast, lightweight and free malware removal tool for OS X, which comes with advanced malware detection feature. It is incredibly easy to use and does exactly what it says – takes out all adware and spyware from a Mac without using too much system resources.

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