How to close all Mac OS X Finder windows in one fell swoop!!!

Close Mac OS X Finder windows quickly

Have you ever had a bunch of Finder windows open and spent the time to close each window one-by-one? If you did, then you might know how annoying that would be. Actually, Finder is actually an application like any other app on the Mac. But unlike any other Mac OS X apps, you can’t simply quit the Finder windows by using CMD (⌘) + Q keyboard shortcuts or there isn’t any one click button for the same purpose. This magic shortcut would have worked with every other app, no matter how many app windows have been opened, it closes all windows immediately. That doesn’t mean you are out of options and have to close all Finder windows one-by-one. Fortunately, there is a simple way to get the job done.

How to close all Finder windows using file menu?

In case your desktop is crowded with Finder windows, you can close all of them in one fell swoop from the File menu using ‘Close All Windows‘ option. Though, this option stays invisible until you hold down the option key when choosing the File menu. Till then, it only appears as ‘Close‘. To close all Finder windows at once, select one, then hold down the Option Key and click the File menu. From the menu list, choose ‘Close All‘ option.

How to close all Finder windows using keyboard shortcuts?

You may be familiar with CMD (⌘) + W keyboard shortcut key, which lets Mac users to close the currently active window, but with a slight modification and by adding an additional key you can close all windows without digging in file menu. Just use keyboard shortcut Option (⌥) + CMD (⌘) + W, which close all Finder windows immediately.

Actually, this method works with pretty much every app available for Mac OS, but it is especially useful for closing Finder windows all at once since you can’t actually quit the Finder like you can with other apps. If you are planning to use it for closing application windows, then make sure Auto-save is enabled, if not, there is a good chance the closing process would get interrupted by the save dialog box – which will only go away after you deal with it.

Note: Using this method, you are just closing the windows, not quitting it.


Undoubtedly, this is a very useful technique, which would come handy while working on Mac. This magic shortcut for closing all windows has been around on Mac since early days of the Mac OS X, but despite the fact that few OS X users appear to know about it. If you didn’t know about it, master it, which could be useful every so often.

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