How to easily switch between any keyboards on new iOS 7

AnyBoard-Cydia-tweakOne of the features that having a software keyboard enable us to do is switch its language. There are several folks who speaks various languages and in case you are one of them then you have to write messages in different languages, which you can switch via a key appears near to the space bar key, but it’s limited to whatever languages have been pre-installed in the iOS devices settings. However, it is a tad bit of process to remove or add languages in settings and also circle through the available languages to pick one for you is also time consuming. Undoubtedly, iOS jailbreak is all about breaking down limitations, and AnyBoard tweak does just that for those who looking to switch the language of their iPad’s or iPhone keyboard without need to pre-plan it all.

AnyBoard is one of the new iOS 7 Cydia tweaks that enables users to communicate very easily with various keyboards directly through the default keyboard. It enables users to quickly change between any of the installed keyboards on new iOS 7 by using a tap and holds gesture. Once installed, it changes the doings of that small globe icon that generally, hides the alternative keyboards. Different from the stock keyboard options, AnyBoard tweak doesn’t just let users to change to the keyboards they have turned on in their iOS device’s keyboard settings, but they can swap between any installed keyboards in an instant. The beauty of AnyBoard is that the features and functionality it adds doesn’t affect the alternate keyboards users have turned on via the keyboard settings. Tapping it still allows users to switch between the preset languages, but this time, tapping and holding on that small globe icon will bring out a list of languages that can be selected on the fly. And you can simply select the one you would like to use and start sending your friends texts in various languages.

AnyBoard will only do the trick if you have the small globe icon on the keyboard. You can have it by enabling any additional keyboard from keyboard settings, for instance, Emoji. Just navigate to Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. You ought to do this due to the fact that’s the only way that the small globe icon [the icon required to turn on AnyBoard] will show up on your iOS device’s keyboard.

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