Top 3 Android Apps that lets you make free music downloads

Not to say, everyone loves listening to music. Back in times we all used to download music on the computer and then transfer them to mobile phone or any portable music player. But smartphones now provide more storage space and high-speed network connectivity, makes everything easier. Now we can stream or download music from the internet directly to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music on the go. Thankfully, a lot of amazing free music downloader apps available in the app stores that offer access to their extensive music library and let you stream or download free legal music. Though, finding the best ones from the app store is like searching a needle in a haystack, especially in Google Android Play Store, which is jam-packed with apps. For you, here I would like to mention some of the working music downloader apps I recently stumbled on.

Music Maniac

Music Maniac is an Android app that enables you to stream and download a lot of MP3 songs straight to your smartphone, just by searching the song name or Artist name. All search results comes with complete information, including artist name and album name, so picking right one from them won’t be a problem for you. Once find the audio track you were looking for, you can either stream or download it. It also comes with fully functional music player that lets you listen to free music you downloaded. Above all, there is an option to create ringtones, which you would find really handy. In order to make it work, first of all, you must add a song to your library. To create your own ringtone, you get a dedicated editor that allows you to extract and save certain part of the loaded track so that you can use it as a ringtone. Generally speaking, the quality of MP3 is also quite good.

Music Maniac App for Android

Ultra CopyLeft MP3 downloader

Ultra CopyLeft MP3 downloader is one of the top free music download apps available for Android. It is also one of the Android App that got new material design UI. Whether it is a rock or pop song, you can search by title, artist or song name, and it’ll list all available options. I must say, the most useful feature I liked about this App is its ability to list songs by bitrate, which would be really handy for you while looking for quality tracks – you can either list them in ascending or descending order. Like other in the pack, it also lets you listen to free music online without downloading it. If you want to keep it, you can download as well. It has user-friendly settings page, where you can change between languages (English, French, and Spanish), configure search engine speed, Quality filter, etc.

Ultra CopyLeft MP3 downloader for Android

Music Maniac MP3 Downloader

Music Maniac MP3 Downloader is one of the best free legal music downloader. It allows you to search in huge database of mp3 songs, which are licensed under creative commons, and download it to your Android device. You can search songs by title, artist or album name. This app doesn’t keep its own database instead it collects data from a bunch of databases, which means that you may also come across tracks that are not licensed under creative commons so it’s up to you whether you want to keep copyrighted ones or not. It can also fetch lyrics automatically, if available. On top of that, the app features a dedicated and fully functional music player and a download manager, where you can manage multiple downloads – you can pause, resume or remove downloads with a single tap.

Music Maniac Mp3 downloader for Android
All 3 Android apps mentioned above are free, and these are some of the best and recommended apps for free music download. Hope you would find them useful for copyright free music downloads. If you are using good similar apps, feel free to share with me in the comments below.

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