How to get voice assistant app Siri’s voice on Mac OS X

If you own iPhone 4S or any of its later editions, then you can’t deny the fact that the intelligent voice assistant app Siri is an excellent addition to your device. And, I’m sure that those who love Siri’s lovely tones will be more than happy to figure out the way to give your Mac Siri’s voice. Since Apple introduced the Nuance speech technology in Mac OS X Lion 10.7, which gives a lot of new voice options for the System Voice in System Preferences so that users can download additional voices for text-to-speech activities.

If you got a new Mac with pre-installed OS X version Lion or Mountain Lion or Mavericks, then probably your Mac already loaded with Siri’s voice by default. In System voice options, you can find it as Samantha (voice of Samantha sounds exactly like Siri’s voice). But, if you upgraded your Mac to OS X lion from old OS X version (Snow Leopard 10.6 and below), then you may have missed the addition of Siri’s voice.

Downloading Siri’s voice into your Mac is really simple and it could be done with a few simple steps. Ultimately, you can use this voice throughout in the system where text-to-speech functionality is available. Following are the steps to get the Samantha voice package on your Mac.

Steps to get Siri’s voice for text to speech feature on Mac OS X

Step 1: Open up the System Preference from the dock or from Apple menu, and choose Dictation & Speech to configure the dictation settings for your Mac.

Step 2: Make sure that you are in the Text to Speech tab and click the drop down menu next to the system voice option.

Step 3: Now choose customize option from the dropdown menu and locate the entry named Samantha.

Step 4: Click on the check box near to name Samantha, and then system will prompt you to download the voice, which comes in at approximately 500MB size, from the Internet.

Dictation and Speech mac

Step 5: Once you successfully download the Samantha’s voice, makes sure that the downloaded voice is selected to use as Siri for Mac Dictation and Speech.

Additionally, in Dictation & Speech window, there is also an option to create new shortcut that let the system to speak the selected text in Siri’s voice when you use the shortcut keys. That’s it!!! Now let Siri do the talking. Have fun!

Note:There are plenty of other voices are available to download as well, but always keep in mind that each one of the voices weighs around 500MB. So, if your Mac’s hard drive already running out of storage space even there’s an option to get rid of voices you aren’t using, though it’s always good to keep at least one voice.

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