How to give half-star rating for music files on iTunes library

We all know Apple iTunes is one of the best ways to download, organize and enjoy your favorite music videos, Movies and mp3 songs. If you are a Mac OS X user, then you may often download songs and rate them. iTunes allows you to rate downloaded music files on a 1 to 5 star basis.


You can use these ratings, either for your own reference or to create a playlist of your favorite media collection. This can be done by clicking and sliding over hollow stars given under the iTunes star rating column, right to the media file name, or rate your favorite music files on iTunes via the pop up menu that appears by right clicking the file within the application interface. In short, you could say this rating system as a music organizer.

By default, iTunes allows you to rate media files only in full-star increment – no half star. But, what if you find any music file in your collection deserves more than a 4 star rating, but isn’t good enough to give 5 star rating. Isn’t it good, if there is an option to give more precise rating for a file? Luckily, OS X iTunes supports half-star ratings too. But, because of some reason, this feature is not enabled by default. Enabling the half-star rating feature gives you an option to rate files more precisely, while letting others know how good you think that files are. To use this feature, first of all you should enable it by yourself. Don’t worry this tutorial will make it easy for you.

Steps to get your music files on iTunes organized

Step1: First of all, check whether iTunes already opened or not. If it is open, quit it.

Step 2: Now go to your Mac’s terminal window (go to application, open utilities folder, then double click the terminal app from the list of applications). In case, you can’t find, try to find it via spotlight search from the right top end corner of desktop.

Step 3: Once you are in terminal window, enter following command.

defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

When it’s done, you would able to give half star rating for any song or media files listed in iTunes library. To give a file half-star rating, click and drag the hollow star rating scale to the right or left until you see the ½ star value. In case, you can’t able to find the half star rating scale, select the file within in the iTunes, hit Command + I, and simply click the option tab from the popup dialog box appears. Now you would able to see rating scale down below that dialog box. When you do, follow the above steps to rate it.

To reset the iTunes rating system

Of course, you can return to full-star rating any time you want. To reset the rating system, just like before, quit iTunes and enter following command in a terminal window.
defaults delete allow-half-stars
When you back in iTunes, you would find that any media files had half-star ratings, rounded down to nearest full star rating. Lets say you had a 4 ½ star rated song, by resetting the iTunes rating system would turn a 4 ½ to 4 star rated file.

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