How to hide all app & Finder Windows except the active one on OS X

Hide all Mac OS X windows except one

Are you a Mac user and multitask a lot? If you are, then there is a good chance that your desktop may get muddled with all those finder and app windows. Sometimes it may appear as a potential distraction, especially if you are working on an app or specific OS X Finder window. What if you need to focus only on a specific window you are working on? Of course, your first port of call would be getting rid of every potential distraction. To make that happen, you really don’t have to quite them, just hide it for a while until your job is done. Thankfully, Mac OS X features a lot of handy keyboard shortcuts that helps you handle such situations and speed up the work you are doing on Mac. In this blog post, I’m going to share how to hide app and OS X Finder windows in Mac by using some keystrokes.

Hide all windows in Active Mac OS X application

If you would like to hide all windows within a Mac OS X app, just hit CMD (⌘) + H and all the application windows become hidden or you can hide windows by clicking elsewhere while holding option key on your Mac keyboard or you can also do this job right from the currently active app menu bar. To be completely clear, using this keyboard shortcut you are just hiding the windows, not closing them. You can always manually make them visible again by clicking on the respective app icon on the dock. Though, some users may find minimizing to the dock and restoring it back too difficult and slow. In case you prefer not using Mac dock, anytime you can use CMD + TAB shortcut to switch back to any hidden application.

Hide all windows except the currently active Finder or app window

You can make this happen by hitting CMD (⌘) + Option (⌥) + H shortcut key, which lets you focus on the task at hand by hiding everything except the one you are dealing with. And you can bring back the hidden windows by clicking anywhere on the OS X desktop but the document / window you’ve been working.

Final Thoughts

Above-mentioned tricks can be triggered from the OS X menu bar as well, but it could be a time sink. So consider mastering these Mac keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work. If you would like to automate this process, try this free unique automation app called HideAllApps, which automatically hides all except the selected windows and currently active apps, after the defined time period.

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