How to log out of mail app email client in windows 10

Windows mail app is one of the best free email client out there, which now comes with a brand new simple, flat design. It’s also a huge improvement over the Windows 8.1 Mail app. This email client was brought out with Windows 8 and the same has been upgraded in Windows 10 with new functionalities and options. To make your life easier, among many other goodies, it let you add any email account of yours that includes free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and, of course, any Microsoft email account or any other POP, IMAP enabled accounts. All you have to do, enter your address and password of email accounts you’d like to access, and Mail app will find out the necessary email settings.

If you have included many email accounts to Mail app, at some point in time, you probably going to log out of those accounts in order to protect and secure data from falling into wrong hands, especially if several users having access to your Windows 10 powered device. Well, signing out will be a tad tricky if you are new to Windows 10 and don’t know where to look and what to do. For some reason, Microsoft has not included any option to sign out of mail accounts in Mail app. Since the app doesn’t feature a sign out option, you’ll have to delete the account. At this time, however, there is actually no other solution.

Steps to delete email accounts

Step 1: Open mail app and click the settings button that is placed on the left-hand bottom corner.

Windows Mail App

Step 2: Clicking the settings button will reveal the settings pane, and choose the Manage Accounts option, where you can see all your added e-mail accounts.

Manage Mail accounts in Mail app

Step 3: Select the mail account address you want to delete from the Mail app.

Show Windows Mail accounts

Step 4: Then, head over to the Delete account option on the pop-up window that appears, and confirm it to delete the account.

Delete Windows mail account in Windows 10

There isn’t any magic button to delete all accounts in one fell swoop. So, if you have added multiple email accounts and want them removed, then will have to delete them one by one.

Having said that, it’s impossible to log out of the Microsoft email that you’ve been using to login to Windows 10. In order to do it, at first, you will have to migrate your Microsoft account to local account. Once you have successfully logged in with a local account, open the mail app and repeat the above process.

Hope this quick guide would help you log out of Windows 10 Mail app without any trouble.

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  1. Amazing. I can only log out by deleting the email account or migrating to a local account? (Reminds me of a time when in order to install a new printer you had to reinstall the entire windows OS ; )


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