A new task automation app to make your Android device smarter

Make your Android device smarter using automation apps

No doubt, Android Operating System enables users to innovate. The flexibility of Android continues to impress both inexperienced and experienced users. One of the smart stuffs about Android is its users can actually automate settings for various situations. Taking advantage of open source power, many developers have developed a lot of cool automation apps that actually force your smartphone or tablet to do intelligent things, including both basic and repetitive tasks to make your life so much easier. These Android automation apps can adjust the settings on their own according to situations and make your device smarter. All you have to do define a set of behaviors that would come into play when certain input conditions are met. For instance, these apps would force your phone to automatically go silent when you walk into a movie or turn up the speaker volume when you get stuck in loud place. As I mentioned, already a lot of automated apps available to download in Google Play Store, and still many Android app developers are busy working on creating apps that would help users automate tasks, which include automatic call recorder apps, Wi-Fi Enabler, Brightness Controller and so on.

In this post, I would like to introduce a new Tasker like app that is little late to the party, named Swip – ProfileSwitcher, and you can download this Android mobile app for free from Google Play Store. Swip comes with a lot of triggers, action and relevant parameters, and you can use it to create profiles of your most frequently used Android settings. This app doesn’t need root access to automate tasks on your Android device, though you would get access to more functionality if you provide root access. Sadly, currently it doesn’t work with Android tablets.

Build profiles for various scenarios

Swip – ProfileSwitcher is one of the highest rated Android apps that would help you automate tedious and boring tasks, and it comes with three example profiles. By tapping the pencil icon accompanying each profiles let you tweak all the options. The profile menu is categorized into three sections – Sound, Connectivity & Display.

Automate Android device using Swip

In Sound, you can set the ringer mode, Volume of media, alarm, ringtone and notification. In connectivity, you can set which of the connectivity options to be enabled once this profile gets activated. In display, you can set stuffs like brightness level and how long it waits before the device gonna sleep. Once you done tweaking these options, save the profile by tapping the tick icon on top right of the toolbar. Here you can also add more custom profiles if you want to. Make sure you are in profile tab, tap the ‘+’ on toolbar, name the profile, tweak the options to fit your needs and save it. That’s it!! You can manually activate these profiles at any point, but you can get more out of Swip by creating new triggers, which automatically activates its assigned profile when certain conditions are met.

Create Triggers to get more out of Swip

To create new trigger, tap on trigger tab on toolbar, followed by ‘+‘. From there you can set various triggers based on location, time, headphone and battery. First of all, you must give a trigger name and assign to a profile you created so that profile gets activated once the device met the trigger conditions. Just like you did in profile, you can make changes or add a condition by tapping the appropriate option.

Automate your Android device using Swip Profile Switcher

You may want to create triggers that activate profiles based on location. To create it, tap the location option, find the location on the map, and long press on it until a location marker turns up. You can also set up your location radius simply by entering a value in Radius field.

Ahead of you use location option, you must provide Swip root access & install as system app on your Android device. You can get it done from settings menu. Open Settings by tapping the three-dots menu icon on top of the user interface, then tap settings, followed by Root and install as system app.

Root access enables more smart features

Root functionality enables three additional options in Swip profiles – GPS, NFC & Airplane Mode. From settings, you can also enable Swip notifications to your panel, which lets you switch between profiles, and this option is really useful, especially if you have created several profiles.

Final Thoughts

If you dig deep into Google Play Store, you might find a lot of automation apps or taskers that would help ease your boring, difficult and repetitive jobs. However, I must say, Swip is one of the best automation apps I ever tried. Unlike many other automation apps, this Android recipe is so much simpler and easy to use customization options. Plus, it features a lot of triggers to make your Android device better and smarter among the crowd.

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