How to quickly clean up app leftovers & other junks in an Android Phone

cleanup Android app leftovers

System cleaners have become an inevitable stuff on mobile devices. Whether it is a computer or smartphone, the more you use it, the more garbage keeps piling up unless you clean it up once in a while. Every now and then you might need to uninstall apps that you no longer use. Well, you can clean them up in a flash right from the app screen. But, most apps leave behind some leftovers in there, resulting in wastage of storage space, at times, impeding the overall performance without you knowing. That’s where SD Maid comes into play.

 While the name suggests as SD Maid, doesn’t mean it cleans up SD card only, actually it can clean and free up internal storage memory of your Android device as well. 

SD Maid is designed to make your life easier by removing such junk files out of the system. It can be more useful when you have no idea about what’s important data and what’s leftover junk. On top of that, it also comes with a bunch of advanced system tools that will help you speed up your android phone.

SD Maid app needs root permission. Without it, the functionality of the app will be extremely limited.

SD Maid Android App screens

Fire it up

When you first fire up the app you will see the home screen with some paramount features it offers, which includes Corpse Finder, System Cleaner, App Cleaner (requires SD Maid Pro) and Databases. At first, you might have to give root permission. Once you grant it, from the home screen, you can either run those services individually or all at once. If you want to do a quick scan, just use the big green scan button down below the screen.

Search down and delete the leftovers

In case, you just need to clean up app leftovers, tap on the refresh button on Corpse Finder tab. Based on the number of apps you’ve removed, this could take a while. Have patience. It locates the leftovers by comparing the list of currently installed apps to the list of data present in /sdcard/Android/ data and data/data, which is where most Android devices keep this sort of data. But some Android devices store data in /dbdata/databases, the good news is, SD Maid has taken care of that too. Once it done scanning, you’ll be told how much storage is being used up. After the search if it locates any ghost app pieces to purge, you’ll get a red clean button at the bottom end of the screen. Hit it and the app will instantly delete those junks from your device.

Check other stuffs too

First and foremost, SD Maid is a junk removal tool but it can also be used as a system optimization tool. Tapping the menu button on the top right corner of the app brings up an extensive list of free system tools like App Controller, File Explorer, Database Optimizer, File Searcher, etc. If you’ve got the Pro version of the app, you can use its premium features – App Cleaner, Duplicates & scheduler.

Note: Check application settings to customize tasks and tools features.


Undoubtedly, SD Maid is one of the best junk file removers now available for Android devices, and it is extremely easy to use. Having this app installed on your device, you really won’t have to install dedicated junk cleaners for deleting temporary files, duplicate files and the app leftovers – you can clean up all these junks with a few taps right from a single app.

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