Opera Max Review: Reduce data usage up to 50% on Android

Mobile data usage has been always one of the major challenges for smartphone users around the globe. When it comes to Android, not to mention, whether you actually using it or not, apps like to consume data. For this reason, obviously, it would force you to check data usage every now and then. While some of us may have gone the extra mile to cut data usage by turning off mobile data, setting up mobile data limit, etc. There are a lot of browsers out there that comes with Data saver options to help you reduce data usage while browsing the Internet, even Google has recently tweaked Chrome browser to reduce data consumption. But there are a few data saving apps that could track mobile/cellular data usage in real time while saving the data. Plus the fact, picking the best from a whole load of apps would be a time sink. Thanks to Opera Max, now you could stop searching for ways to reduce data usage.

Opera Max is a free VPN connected Android data management and network data usage monitor app that routes your entire Internet traffic through its own Cloud network and compresses the data before it gets sent to your smartphone. Since it works as a VPN, with a single tap, it can route the traffic of all browsers and applications that require Internet access. According to the company, it doesn’t store any data that passes through the network and those data will be removed as soon as the optimized versions are transferred to your device. The company also claims, with opera max installed on your smartphone, you could save data usage up to 50% without a substantial loss in quality, whether it’s a webpage or streaming media. Recently, the app has upgraded to use an SSL encrypted SPDY tunnel for routing data through a secure and faster channel – SPDY is a protocol that developed by Search Engine giant Google to boost the connection speed and data transfer. When all is said and done, it doesn’t compress the data coming from a secure HTTPS connection, such as emails, banking apps and website, etc.

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Opera max is also a data management application that helps you control and monitor data quite easily. It’s like a classic “shoot and ignore” app that actually just runs in the background for reducing mobile/cellular data usage, which means there wouldn’t be a lot for you to do once you have enabled the data saving option. Close it and just do your stuff as you normally would and reopen it after a few minutes or even a day. You’ll be welcomed with your total data savings as well as your apps individual data savings along with time stamps to show when and how much amount of data used for the time being. Starting with the new version, you can view the data usage history of Wi-Fi as well. You can see this statistics by real-time, day, month or see all-time savings. You could use this feature to learn what apps are eating up your mobile data and restrict its data usage.

Opera Max - Data Saving App

Another feature of Opera Max is that it can allow you to block apps from using the Internet. You can do this from App management screen, where you can manage consumption of mobile data and Wi-Fi data connection independently. From there you can always block particular apps from data consumption. You can also restrict background data usage by certain apps from App management section, and it is very useful to restrict auto-update apps from accessing the Internet.

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It’s also worth taking a spin through the settings too as this is where you can control notifications, savings, and many other things.

Wrapping Up

Opera Max is an efficient and easy to use data management app available for Android devices. Plus, the new version can now handle both Wi-Fi and cellular data connection independently. Apart from being a data saving app, it can block apps that use up mobile data / Wi-Fi data constantly, and it is very useful for those who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan. So the bottom line is if you don’t have an unlimited data plan and searching for ways to decrease data consumption on Android, then give this app a try. Hope you would like this one.

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