How to remove individual site cookies from Google Chrome

Google Chrome, by default, store site cookies to identify users and possibly put together customized web pages or to save stuffs like username and password for you, so that you don’t have to input all those information each and every time you go to those websites you frequently website. But just in case you are surfing around some harmful websites or doing any kind of money transaction then you need to get rid of the cookies of those websites to keep your system and privacy protected. Most of the people just delete all cookies from the browser, but in this process, many useful cookies from plenty of other sites get deleted. The good news is, the cookies list can be accessed and possible to remove individual website cookies one by one, and that would help you if you are having any kind of issues with cookie driven website or developing a website page that uses cookies to store user data. There are some chrome extensions for deleting individual site cookies but you don’t have to use them ever again as the latest version of Chrome browser already having this option.

Steps to clear specific site cookies in Chrome

You can clean out those cookies from any certain website in Chrome browser by using the steps stated below.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Step 2: Click on wrench icon that shown in the upper-right corner of the browser toolbar and choose Settings from the drop down menu list that appears.

Step 3: When settings page appears, click on Show Advanced settings link to show privacy settings.


Step 4: Click on Content Settings to bring up yet another menu, and open up All cookies and site data under cookies section to see the list of site cookies saved in the chrome browser.


They are arranged alphabetically by the name of the websites that are using cookies to store user data, and where you can also find all kinds of details about the selected cookie, such as its domain name, path, content, when it was created, and when it is going to expire.


Step 5: Select the website name and click on Remove button provided at the bottom of that window for clearing that specific cookie.


Doing above steps, the cookies stored in the browser for certain websites will be removed in couple of seconds and you are ready to use the chrome browser for other uses. The good news is, the cookies of the websites you frequently visit are still there in the browser and you can use them without having any trouble.

Note: Keep in mind that, by following above steps, only site cookies from chrome would be removed.

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