Speed up any Android device with Systweak’s Android cleaner

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We all know, with the market share of 82.8%, Google Android is the world’s most broadly used mobile OS though it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Occasionally you will find that your device slows down and starts acting weird after continuous usage. Although this might happen because of faulty hardware, but in most case, the source of the issue comes down to buggy apps, unwanted app data and memory management issues. That being said, there is a good chance these issues may possibly hold back the speed and performance and would give you hard times. By cleaning up a few unwanted things, you could speed up your Android phone and boost your productivity while achieving more storage space. The trick is tracking down the cleaner apps that actually work. In this blog post, I would like to write about another awesome Android Cleaner app that I recently stumbled upon, called Systweak Android Cleaner, available to download at Google Play Store.

Systweak Android Cleaner is a beautifully crafted tool that enables you to enhance your Android device performance in a jiffy. And in spite of its name, Systweak Android Cleaner does more than just cleaning. It allows you to uninstall useless apps, cleanup app leftovers and other junk files, smartly manages storage and boosts overall battery life in a flash. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out how effective the app is.

Got a well-designed & easy to understand interface

Systweak Android Cleaner comes with well designed and easy to understand interface. The navigation is also pretty straightforward and you don’t have to move around a lot within the app to make use of its features. All essential features can be used right from the home screen, which also tells you that how much percentage of storage and RAM being used.

cool UI of Android Cleaner

Plus home screen has a big quick Phone Boost button, tapping it, frees up the RAM by cleaning up app cache. Actually, freeing up RAM means quicker access to apps, a job that this app successfully carries out in a matter of seconds.

Keep the device clean & clutter free

Cleaning the software junk and the redundant data is necessary to keep your Android device in the top-notch performance. Your Android device uses a portion of storage to store app information for speedy access of apps. As time goes by these caches can become large and even start to bog down your device performance.

Clean junk files with Systweak Android Cleaner

The Junk Files module in this app lets you scan and delete junk items such as browser data, external application cache, APK files, unused folders, unused largest files and other temporary data. Cleaning these Junk files from your device doesn’t shoot up the performance but ensure that it stays clean and clutter-free.

Eradicate useless data with an efficient Storage Manager

Systweak Android Cleaner not just works well for just eradicating the useless data stored within your device but also offers you the base to handle the storage the way you want. This module could be a lifesaver if you are using your device to download a lot of data such as photos, videos, documents, etc. Not to say, the manual cleaning would be a time sink, but with this cleaner module, in a few tap you can see which files are eating up the storage space of your device. Since it accumulates all data from all areas of internal and external storage, you don’t have to dig in and search around to locate and delete the useless ones.

Keep device clean & clutter free with Storage Manager

All you have to do, just tap on the Storage Manger module and wait a bit till it gathers data. Once done gathering data, it will list all data in their respective categories, like music files in Music category, videos in Video category and so on. You can tap on any of those categories, mark the files and delete them in one fell swoop. Just in case if you want to backup those files before you delete, you can make use of Systweak’s own Cloud backup solution from the app itself.

System tweak’s Cloud backup service, called Right Backup Anywhere, offers free 100MB storage space to backup data. If you want more storage space, you must upgrade the Account. Get unlimited backup space at $15/month or just pay $100 for a year.

Squeeze more power out with Battery Saver

To help you get more battery juice, Systweak Android Cleaner comes with a Battery Saver module, which features handful of pre-set settings that would help you keep your device stay ON for a few hours longer by cutting down the use of those services that consume your battery- probably wouldn’t need a dedicated Battery Saver now on.

Save Battery life with Battery Saver

This is definitely a lifesaver for those who keep struggling for more battery juice at the end of the day. Don’t you think boosting the battery life without charging the device is a plus? Definitely, it is!

Manage apps smartly with App Manager

Finally, there is an App manager module, which populates a list of all apps along with the storage space they are using. You can easily uninstall any app installed on your Android smartphone by tapping the small bin icon shown across the application name.

Uninstall apps easily with App manager

Besides that, you can also archive an app if you want. When you do, a backup file (.apk file) of that App will be created so that you can restore it back whenever you needed – archived files will be listed under ‘Archived’ section.


Overall, Systweak Android Cleaner is one of the finest Android device optimizers that I have got my hands on. Even though it doesn’t have any standout feature that other similar apps don’t have, does what it promises in the most convenient way possible, leaving very little to whine about. On the top of that, the app doesn’t come stuffed with annoying ads, making it cleaner and user-friendly. All said and done, it is definitely worth trying – it’s free, give it a try!

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