Sync multiple folders on Mac with Cloud Data Storage Services

Cloud storage services like Google Drive, Skydrive and Dropbox let you store data under one directory, which will always be in sync with your respective online account. Any files that you put into this specific directory can be accessed from anywhere of the world through the web or any of your other mobile devices or computers. Though most of the cloud storage services do not let you sync with any folders available on your computer. Instead, you have to manually move files to the cloud storage folder, which always remain in sync with the cloud.

Syncing directories outside of Cloud service’s folder has long been an option by building symlinks, but  the good news is is now there’s a free application named MacDropAny available to download, which make the process more simple and easy. Of course, you can actually use the command line to build symbolic links, but it’s quite a job and needs Terminal skills you might not have. This application is currently available for Mac OS only and works with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and other cloud data storage services that come with  single folder-only limitation. It  is compatible with Mac OS 10.6+.

MacDropAny is a free Mac application, which lets you build a symbolic link between any directories and your cloud storage account with ease.  This is really useful for when you cannot simply move the folder that you need to sync with your account to the cloud  file storage service folder. Of course,  it might be very annoying and require a long time to move a large number of files and folders to your cloud service’s folder on your computer.

With this application, all you have to do is launch the application, select the source directory, choose the cloud service, go to the destination location in your cloud storage folder, and then name it. That’s all !MacdropAny-Cloud-Services

There are many ways you can sync directories outside of cloud service’s folder:

  • Drag the folder, which you want to sync to cloud storage, onto MacDropAny’s icon on the dock, Finder or somewhere else.
  •  Launch the application and prompt to the directory you want to Sync.
  • In Finder, select ‘Sync via MacDropAny’ by right clicking on the folder you’d like to Sync.

However, you’ll need to run the application several times to sync more folders, but it’s the most convenient solution available for anyone who’s not an expertise in Terminal commands. Also keep in mind, this application only work if you installed appropriate cloud service application on your Mac, since you’ll have to choose the location within in Cloud Service folder through Finder.

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