How to use Telegram Messenger on Desktop Computers

Telegram Messenger can be considered as a clone of Whatsapp, with advanced features, much more security and privacy settings plus more facilities as compared with Whatsapp. Most importantly, messages sent via this app are encrypted with top standards and no logs are stored on the server so that your conversations are totally private. Still, if you’re not satisfied you can even send out encrypted messages that only can be decrypted by the Receiver. And, of course, all of these features are Ad-Free and totally free forever, unlike Whatsapp messenger, which charges Subscription Fees. Something you may don’t like about Whatsapp is that the software can be installed and run on only one device at a time. However, this is quite unlike with the messenger Telegram. This application can be accessed from several devices at a time and all the messages sent through it are synced with each other.

Sometimes it happens that we wish to talk more time and write lengthy messages. This is quite challenging to do so in the small display interface and keyboard of your handset. We sometimes want to carry on the chat on desktops. On top of that we sometimes need to share some media file, such as videos, pictures or any file, directly from computer. Then we end up copying file from computer to mobile and then to someone’s device using mobile messenger. Now all these issues are sorted out with this multi platform messaging app and now Telegram users can access this free messenger on their Windows PC or Mac with ease.

One of the simplest and more convenient ways to access this messenger on computer is to use it online. To do that you can simply enter or Go to the Webogram URL to load up Telegram Messenger right in the Web Browser.

Go to this URL to load up Webogram directly in the Web Browser:

This could be very fascinating for all Telegram fans as they can use it on browsers and their Chrome book as well. There is a Telegram unofficial extension available in Google Chrome store, which can help you to access this messenger on Google Chrome Browser and you can get it from here. Then you can run the application directly from the Google Chrome launcher. However, right now, this app extension is not supported by Telegram officially.


Click here to add/Download Webogram Google Chrome Extension

Another alternative solution is tdesktop, which is an unofficial Telegram Desktop Client for Mac and Windows. It comes with a simple installation file, which can be installed as any other application by specifying installation directory. Linux users can install and run this application directly in Wine!. It works on Mac OS 10.7+ and Windows 7/8/8.1/XP.


Click here to Download Telegram Messenger for Mac OS / Windows.

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