The best Android battery saver that boosts performance

Now a day, an android smartphone can easily do almost all things we can do on our computer. Having said that, one of the biggest downsides of having the android device is its short battery life span. Even though the battery capacity plays a significant role in battery life, we should consider proper battery management in our device to get most out of it.

So how we can deal with Android battery life problem? Fortunately, there are ways to make Android battery last longer. Until now, you might have been taking manual battery saving measures to extend the battery life of your Android device, including turning the screen brightness down, turning off the mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity among many other things. Even with all that measures, with countless apps running in the background, sooner or later your Android device might run out of battery juice because of aggressive battery consumption by those apps. Here comes the use of battery saver apps that can tweak the system to improve Android device’s battery life. But, sadly it’s really hard to get a battery saver that really saves and improve battery life of an Android device. On many occasions, even with a battery saver name, some of them may use more battery juice than it’ll ever save. That’s why we need a good battery management App that can actually increase the battery backup and performance of the device. The good news is you can achieve both with a simple and highly efficient battery saver called Greenify.

Why Greenify?

In order to reduce battery usage on your Android device, killing background Apps might not bring any good since they will kick back in right off the bat. But with Greenify, you can hibernate those battery hungry apps instead of closing them. Once you have hibernated any App, it won’t able to start any background services unless you kick off the App, thereby improved battery life and overall device performance. When this App was first introduced, it required root permission to enable Auto-hibernation feature on an Android device. Lucky for us, recently developers have made Auto-hibernation feature wholly accessible to non-root Android devices as well, meaning non-rooted Android users can also reap its awesome battery saving features.
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More battery saving with Greenify donation package

Greenify battery saver comes free, though if you want to make use of its additional features like greenifying system apps, deep hibernation and saving notifications after hibernation an app, you will have to buy Greenify donation package, which will set you back $2.99.

Warning: If you have the Greenify donation package and root access, be careful when hibernating system apps. Hibernating some system apps may make your device unstable.

How to save battery life with Greenify App

Once you have installed the app, launch it and tap on the ‘+’ button, which will display the list of apps you have installed on your Android device.
User interface of Greenify App
When the App analyzer screen that appears, select those battery-eating apps and tap the check button. As you hibernate power hungry apps, they will be added to the hibernated list. From that particular screen, you can wake those apps anytime by tapping the play button, and similarly, you can put them back to hibernation by tapping the sleep button (Zzz).

Don’t greenify any app that will be receiving any kind of push notification, including instant messengers, Mail app, alarm clocks, etc. For instance, if greenify that kind of apps, you’ll not receive any notification if some send you a message.

settings of Greenify app
For root users, auto-hibernation is enabled by default. In case, if you are a non-root Android user, then you have to enable auto-hibernation automatically. To do that, tap on the three-dot options menu on the top right and select settings. Then tap the working mode option, select ‘Non-Root’ mode and select the Automated hibernation option that appears. If you have a rooted android device, then you can make use of Greenify’s Xposed module to get more battery saving features that would help you solve the battery draining issues. You will need the paid Greenify version to use some of the useful Xposed modules though.


Greenify is undoubtedly one of the best battery saving apps available for Android devices. Without spending a dime now you can hibernate battery eating apps right away. For the majority of users the free version will be totally fine, but considering even better battery saving and overall performance $2.99 price tag is reasonable.

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