The best Android App to track phone storage & SD card activity

If you have an Android device, then you might be keeping a lot of images, possibly a few video clips, as well as your favorite games and apps on your device’s storage, but soon things can get crowded, and end up being filled up pretty fast with little or no warning. So, if you find yourself running out of space, you must act at the drop of a hat to avoid weird errors that would probably goanna show up soon.

With Android device’s native storage settings, you would be able to know total storage capacity, total free space currently available and what is eating up all space. But, it doesn’t really tell you other stuffs like how often phone or external storage is accessed, list of files created and modified in midst of a time window, how long an phone storage or micro SD card might last, etc.

With StorageTrac, a storage monitoring App, you can keep tabs on all data storage information that would help you figure out where all that free space went. This Android App collects data about file creation, modification and deletion on the storage card and keep it in a chart, and certainly these data will be useful to learn more about the file activity at a certain point of time since you start tracking phone storage or external memory card activity.

Once you download and install StorageTrac on an Android device, first and foremost, open the app, tap menu > setting and then enable tracking so that it can start tracking your SD card storage status.

In settings window, even there is an option to set an update interval, which can be anything from 15 min to 24 hours, and of course that would be the one you are comfortable with. By knowing what the interval is displayed in the chart, gathered information makes more sense.

View file activity using plotted chart

Coming to this Android app’s features, its main interface displays a plotted chart based on date, time and amount of data you add, modify, and remove from your Android phone storage. To view the information about file activity, either you tap on the plots or use the button set provided down below the screen to look into the period you are interested in.


When you do, at first, you will be able to see list of files that have been created at that particular point, and scrolling right to it will show any relevant modified and deleted files.


Search storage activity history using filenames

Another feature this Android app offers is a storage history search tool that would come handy to locate certain file types on your phone storage. For instance, to track all PNG files stored on your device, tap on search button and enter PNG in the search box, and tap go button. Then it will come up with list of available PNG files along with path details so that you can easily figure out where these files can be found. Knowing the path details would come really handy, especially while you are trying to delete unwanted files from already crowded SD card or phone storage.


Finally, once it served the purpose, better delete collected storage activity data to reduce app’s load on your Android device. It can be done by using the ‘Delete history’ option available in setting menu, where you will get four options to select from – Now, week, Months & year. Now select one option from it and tap ok to get rid of old track data. Once cleared, that’s it! You reached the point of no return.


So far, not to mention, it has never been easy to monitor available storage options on Android Cell phones/tablets. But with this amazing Android application you can always keeps tabs on phone or external data storage. The only limitation I found in this app is its inability to monitor both phone storage and memory card simultaneously. I think it would be fixed in future updates. Whether it has been popular or not, StorageTrac deserves a place among cool storage management apps now available for Android devices.

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