Registry hack enables secret Start Screen animation in Windows 8

The start screen is one of the unique features of Windows 8, which was absent in previous versions of Windows, and of course it is well attractive and stunning. It shows rectangular and square tiles of installed programs and apps as well as live previews. The nicest thing about the Windows 8 Start screen is that it’s easy to personalize. Here you can set up your own Tiles, pin files and folders, set your favorite picture as background, change color and image of background and explore everything from it.

While the system boot into the windows 8 start screen, after the login screen, you might have felt a very lively unique animation effect that looks really good. However, this start screen animation effect doesn’t repeat ever until you restart the operating system. It means, until then, windows don’t show the start screen animation whenever you switch to Start Screen from any metro app or from Desktop mode. But, if you would like to see that swift and cool animation effect each and every time you switch to start screen from any other screen, then it could be get done by some registry tweaks. By doing so, it will force windows to show the animation whenever you try to gain access to start screen. There are also more registry tweaks available, to customize the animation of windows start screen stuffs such as your profile picture, username and tile offset. In case, you don’t want to play with registry, you can download and use Start Screen Animations Tweaker program to customize the Start Screen in Windows 8.

Still you are willing to make changes in Windows Registry, I would like to remind you that messing with windows registry settings could be risky especially if you don’t know anything about it and how it works. If you are not a professional windows user, then make sure to backup registry before you start changing registry values. There are many freeware utilities available, which helps you back up your windows registry.

Steps to activate windows 8 secret start screen animation

In order to force the Windows to show animation every time you switch to Start Screen, simply follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Open the Windows 8 Search screen and search for Run or simply use Win + R key. When Run box appears, enter the regedit command to open Windows 8 Registry. The very first thing you must do there is head to File > Export to create a registry backup, so that you can revert back to original registry settings, just in case something goes wrong.









Step 2: Now collapse HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive in the left pane of the Registry Editor & navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/ImmersiveShell/Grid key


Step 3: Now, right click in right pane and create a new DWORD(32 bit) value with name Launcher_SessionLoginAnimation_OnShow. Once you created it, double click on it and modify its numeric value to 1 by keeping the base as Hexadecimal. That’s it!! Now click ok and switch to Start Screen to make sure everything works fine as you want. By changing DWORD value to 1, you’re activating the animation to be shown each time you switch to Start Screen from Desktop mode.


In case you want to customize the Start Screen animation any further, then it can be possible by creating following additional DWORDs with names:

Launcher_SessionLogin_Icon_Offset: Creating and changing the value of this DWORD, here its value can be changed up to 1000, will enable you to set offset to user account picture shown in Windows 8 Start Screen.

Launcher_SessionLogin_IconText_Offset: This DWORD allows you to apply offset for user name displayed at Start Screen. Here you can set its value up to 2000.

Launcher_SessionLogin_IndividualTower_Offset: With this DWORD, you can control ‘far’ left side of Windows 8 Start Screen from where tiles will fly in vertical sets rather than all at once while animating it. Here you can set its value up to 1000.

Launcher_SessionLogin_Tower_Offset: With this DWORD, you get the control over the right side of Windows 8 Start Screen from where Tiles slides to its normal positions. Here you can use value data up to 100.

Keep changing the value of DWORDs you created until you find the suitable animation effect you would like to keep it for the Start Screen. In case, you don’t like the changes you made, simply delete the DWORDs you just added to the registry.

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