Yahoo Aviate: Best Android launcher with powerful new features

Yahoo Aviate launcher provides the best and completely unique experience, by providing powerful new features and effective tools that no competing Android launchers can match. Unlike many other popular launchers available for Android OS, which only concentrates on customization, Yahoo Aviate make sure to simplify your device’s home screen. Actually, the primary goal of this app is to offer intelligent data every single day that allows someone to better schedule time, apps and so on.

Top new powerful features of Yahoo Aviate launcher

After spending a lot of time in beta, finally you can download Aviate launcher for Android directly from the Google Play Store. This app comes with several new features as well as its revamped look. Lets find out how it’s differ from other popular launchers out there.

Everything gets easier with its amazing adaptability

Yahoo Aviate, unlike conventional and old fashioned home screens, learns from your behaviors and give you a superior experience by logically organizing various apps, widgets, and all the relevant data you require throughout the entire day.

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For instance, in the morning this application give you quick access to the climate information, new appointments and apps required for news feed and e-mail reading. Above all, this app brings context to every information, for example, instead of just providing current weather information, the application will also let you know when the climate will be significantly warmer or cooler than the previous day. While you on the move, it’ll provide you with the details of nearby locations from the area such as shops or restaurants. Once you reach your office, for instance, its intelligent home screen will highlight apps and information you usually use while doing work, such as calender, email app and so on. And after a tough day’s job, application home screen will come up with the apps for evening entertainments. Finally, it’ll alert you when it’s time to go to bed.

Categorizing apps are easier than ever before

Aviate also categorizes your installed apps and smartly rearrange it so that you don’t need to swipe through various menus to find out apps. Also, there is an favorite section that offers quick accessibility to call, messages or email for people you want to communicate quite often.


It actually comes with two apps drawers. By swiping it to the left from the home screen, there you can see collection of apps categorized by themed manner, such as work, social, sports, etc and swiping it to the right from home screen provide you quick access to whole list of apps that are alphabetized to make it easier to locate an app very easily.

Get instant app recommendations

One of the best features you would find in this free android home launcher is its instant app recommendations based on apps, which are installed on your Android device and of course, it does show apps that got high ratings recently in Google Play Store. There will be a plus icon in every collection you would have. Once you tapped on that plus sign icon, it’ll come up with some app suggestions you may be looking for.

Simple, beautiful and easy to customize

Yahoo developed this amazing app to provide you an refreshing experience and something entirely different from your lifeless home screen. The UI and the wide variety of functionalities are simply outstanding in Aviate launcher. Here you can choose between themes(currently two are available), customize apps in your Collections, try various icon packs, add widgets, set up and even you can change home screen image as you wish.

yahoo aviate launcher -screens

Aviate works with the traditional icon packs available on the Google Play store, those works with other popular launchers like Apex and Nova. There are hundreds of icon packs available to pick from, so you’re more likely to get an icon pack that suits your home screen.

It also makes it simple for you to add all of your favorite Android widgets to the home screen area. All you have to do is, just choose an area and tap on “Add Widget” button to add one. Sizes of the widget will be adapted by the app so they may be turn up bigger than they really should, however you can’t manually re-size it as you wish.

Like many other Android launchers, this one also lets you pin shortcuts to apps you want to use it regularly. These added shortcuts will be visible in alphabetical order alongside the apps. In order to add a shortcut, tap the Shortcut button in top-right corner, pick the type, customize it and it will be added to the app drawer along with list of other apps. However, there is no way to pin shortcuts on the home screen.

Finally, coming to the themes, currently only two themes available to pick from. Apart from the default light theme, there is a dark theme available and it is actually a stunning one. Hopefully, more beautiful themes will be available with coming updates.

Final thoughts

Yahoo Aviate Launcher is an revolutionary concept, by replacing the lifeless content on home screen with latest features and superior functionalities to your smartphone. It also lets you stay organized, and enables you to locate the apps you mostly use throughout the day. Ultimately, this app is pretty simple to use and is almost ideal for those who wouldn’t like to waste a lot of time by changing settings and arranging apps and would like to get on with their day with a side-kick from smartphone, to enable them to stay organized.

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